March 11, 2017 · News Rants

Who needs to be standing their ground?

I love how, in the first sentence, this article includes the detail that a man was shot for "texting his daughter's daycare center during previews in a movie theater."

You can imagine millions of Americans reading this over their morning coffee, shaking their heads with indignation, "shooting someone who is texting a daycare center, during the previews!... unbelievable!"

The strong implication being: if he was texting, "I love you," to his wife, say, during the movie itself, he deserved to be shot down in cold blood.

It would be funny if it wasn't. Instead of Florida "standing its ground" and being a bulwark for American values, a civilizing influence for the third world, it has decided to dive headfirst into becoming third world. Soon the virus that has caused Florida to go insane will be infecting all of us.

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