December 10, 2016 · Deep Thoughts

I think going to Costco is the closest I will ever come to the experience of going to Disneyland

Somehow I missed out on the experience of going to Disneyland/world. I imagine it involves walking long distances, staring at interesting things, and thinking, "Wow, amazing what human beings come up with, isn't it?"

And eating random bits of foodlike substances. Kind of like Costco.

This would be a good documentary: Bring immigrants from poor countries to Costco and set them down and start the cameras rolling. Record the expressions on their faces as they wander around, staring at all that excessive abundance. I bet you would see a pretty full range of human emotions.

Of course, some of them probably slaved away in the factories that made that stuff, so it would be like a homecoming to them. "Wow! My entire life now feels worthwhile, because I have seen the mountain of giant teddy bears that I sacrificed my carpal tunnels for."

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